40 S&W

40 S&W 
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The 180gr FMJ-FP @ 1100fps from a Glock 23 1050fps 441 ft/lbs from a 3.5"bbl. 1140fps 520 ft/lbs fro..
Ex Tax: $23.74
40 S&W 190gr. Equalizer™
This is a powerful load for personal defense that delivers two shots on target with every pull of th..
Ex Tax: $29.95
40 S&W 200gr FMJ-Flat Point  20rds.
For those .40 S&W fans that wanted a deep penetrating option for woods carry, here it is! The..
Ex Tax: $23.74
40 S&W 200gr Nosler JHP  500rds.
The 200gr Nosler JHP @ 1050fps from a Glock 23! 990fps 435 ft/lbs from a 3.5"bbl. 1100fps 538 ..
Ex Tax: $440.00
40 S&W Nickel Plated Brass
This is the same top-notch brass that we use in our factory loads. If you are a reloader, then this ..
Ex Tax: $24.41

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