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  • Self-Defense Ammunition with Two Projectiles
  • One of the most important elements of any self-defense ammunition is its effectiveness. There are plenty of Americans who have a gun in their home for protection against an unexpected intrusion. Many of them assume that as long as they have a gun they will be safe. The truth is, some ammunition my not stop […]

  • Understanding the Meaning of the Second Amendment
  • Every now and again an old debate on gun ownership gets sparked, and usually a national debate ensues for a few weeks. These debates historically always follow a tragedy of some sort involving guns, and the war is often engaged with emotionally-charged statements and seldom with facts. One thing that is rarely discussed in public […]

  • The Basics of Reloading Ammunition
  • This is a recent article posted on Sportsman’s News that was written by Mike McNett. If you have always wanted to learn about reloading ammunition, this article is for the novice. Every day across the country, more and more people are trying to figure out how to stretch their dollar.  One of the ways that […]

  • Adventures Game Hunting Along the South African Trails
  • The First Day of Game Hunting on the South African Trails For years I had heard stories about South African adventures and the game hunting in that region. It has been a dream of mine to go game hunting along the African trails for many years. That dream was realized in 2011, and I was […]

  • 10mm Ammo and the Start of a Company
  • You’ve heard this scenario before: Someone wants to buy a product but can’t find it for sale anywhere, so he decides to create what’s needed through much toil, sweat, and tears. Then, he starts a company to share the product with others. The history of Doubletap Ammunition is a history similar to many American companies. […]

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